anger management issues

Sometimes, it’s hard to hold back, especially when you’re really angry.

So much when that anger has been sealed shut inside for a very long time. It starts as a small harmless flicker. Then it accumulates, expands, ever brighter than before. And when the hide that holds it back cannot hold it any longer, it fulminates, driving its host emotionally berserk. The host, overpowered by that emotion, lets out a howl, turning everything in sight to cinder and ash.

Obviously, that ‘s a hyperbole (for those of you living under a rock).

what I’m trying to say is we all know that when anger is bottled up inside for long, sooner or later it bursts, like a bottle of champagne…

… that’s why stress balls are invented!

Stress balls are squishy squishy balls that… somehow… relieves its user of stress. These pocket-sized balls are meant to endure squishing, which is good when you’re really really angry. You can pour out all your anger into these balls anywhere, anytime. And they won’t complain.

If you’re not a fan of circular objects, or you just totally hate the very sight of circular objects, don’t worry. They come in different designs, shapes and colors:

–for the soccer player in you, or

–for those cat owners who wanna strangle their cats to death because they shit all over the living room, use this instead, or

–for those who never got any present from Santa even though they’ve been really nice the whole year…

Of course you can have your very own stress ball without spending. You can use stuff inside your homes, like a Scotchbrite foam, or a yarn, or even your mom’s water bra… anything soft and squishy will do…

O before i forget, I would like to apologize for the poor little spoon in the canteen… I was so angry at that time, and in order to control it, I used the spoon… I bent it(using my hand, not psychic) without thinking… Now the spoon is angry at me… oh and the lunch lady too…


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