Koizora: A tearjerker

According to www.Moviexclusive.com:

   The cell-phone novel that moved 11 million to tears. Uploaded to a cell-phone website, this tale of an average girl’s three stormy years of high school, a saga of love, rape, pregnancy, miscarriage, parting, and reunion, is in fact a true story. Striking a chord with many women, its popularity spread like wildfire by word of mouth, and published in book form was an instant best-seller, with 1.3 million copies snapped up in only three weeks. The work is a true phenomenon of the emerging cell-phone society.

Koizora, or Sky of Love in English, is the best, most heart warming love story movie I have ever seen. Oh wait, it’s the only love story movie I have ever seen for as long as I can remember.

I dont like dramas (although I myself am dramatic), especially love stories, but this one is just… let’s say… really good, like four stars out of five. Almost made me cry. Almost I tell ya.

The fact that I made an entry about it is what makes it worth your while . Kidding (I’m a nobody so why would anyone believe me?).

Anyway, this here is the music video of the theme song for the movie Koizora, Heavenly Days by Arugaki Yui (the same girl in the movie). The video has a few selected scenes from the movie.

 You can watch the full movie HERE.





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