Star Ocean: The Last Hope FINALLY!

Well, I still dont have an Xbox 360… but anyway…

Yes! After 5 long years of slumber, Star Ocean is back and ready to dish out some sci-fi-slash-fantasy… stuff. Star Ocean 4, or Star Ocean: The Last Hope, is the latest installment in the series, which is available for the 360. The game is set to hit Japanese stores on February 19, and to North American shores on February 24.

“AD 2064. Humanity made its third and most costly mistake. World War III. Weapons of mass destruction, deployed with complete impunity, razed the land in the blink of an eye. People believed it’s the end of the world. The planet Earth was dying. So humanity began to search for a new home in space.”

It is said that World War III ended in 2064, but the effects of the war remained. When humanity began to search for a new home in space, the Universal Science and Technology Administration(USTA) was established. In AD 2087, Professor Trillas Bachtein succeeded with his space warp experiments. This was the last day of the AD calendar and first day of the SD (Space Date) calendar. After the success of Professor Trillas Bachtein, the USTA began to secretly implement its SRF project. In SD 0010, the first official SRF mission begun.  –Star Ocean: The Last Hope


I’m soooooo into the rpg Star Ocean. I love rpg’s (mostly the ones by Square Enix), but what sets Star Ocean appart from all other rpg’s is that it is a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. In the game, there are other planets in the universe that support life, aside from Earth. The level of technological advancement differs from planet to planet, like for example, we Earthlings are advance, but another planet’s civilization is more advanced than ours that they can annihilate a small planet with a single blow, using some missile of sorts. But in doing this, they are subject to court trial because of breaking the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact (UP3).

The Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact, which was established by the third planet of the Solar System, is a treaty aimed at protecting planets with civilizations that are not yet fully developed. Direct contact with an underdeveloped planet is prohibited by the Pangalactic Federation (sort of the UN in space) because this may greatly influence the path of history of those underdeveloped planets. Anyway, enough.

The game is educational. I think. Ever since I played the game, I found interest in stuff related to space exploration and advance technology… like the warp drive and the disintegrator.

Warp drive, is travelling in space with speed faster than the speed of light… or sort of, opening a wormhole for shorter interspace travels. I love to entertain the idea that this kind of technology is possible, and I wish that within my lifespan I’ll be able to see it.

So what do you think? Is this kind of technology possible in the future?


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